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Our services

Our well experienced professional operation professionals are dedicated to take care of all your shipment requirements with utmost care, keeping you posted on the movements and progress

Here are the major services offered.


Urgent and time sensitive shipments need Airfreight services. Providing customers with firm allocation of space on scheduled carriers has always been one of our greatest strength. Over the years we have developed strong loyalty with all the major carriers operating from the Middle East region. This has been our conscious and deliberate business strategy to influence our buying price and service with these airlines. Import & Export Air freight are always our top priority, supported by global air shipments handling agency networks.
So when it comes to airfreight rates and space commitment, ABM customers enjoy reliable service at the most competitive rates as per industry standards. ABM Global shipping LLC has been helping clients to add value to their business by making a perfect choice for their air imports and exports. Our strong agents’ network worldwide has been an integral aspect of our service, facilitating movements of goods to & from any part of the world.


ABM Global shipping LLC provides with comprehensive ocean services including FCL (Full Container Load) LCL (Loose cargo), Break Bulk, and RO-RO shipments from anywhere in the world to any destination through carefully selected global agency network at most competitive rates and excellent services.
We are associated with leading shipping lines for cargo movements from all the major ports of North & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Far East, China, and Japan. This enables us to offer our valued customers quality service with weekly sailing schedule with guaranteed space.
Our professional approach and speed provide you with significant gains in the form of competitive rates, frequent sailing, adequate vessel space and reliable schedules enabling just in time delivery of goods to the clients.


ABM bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in its smart warehousing solutions. Our aim is to facilitate our consumer to have their consolidated stockholding hub in UAE to support deliveries to various markets in the Middle East, Southern CIS, Indian sub-continent and the African Subcontinent. We leverage on cutting-edge technology to serve the warehousing needs of our customers efficiently and cost-effectively.
Our sophisticated inventory control system provides real-time stock balances, warehouse locations, order pickings, and delivery instructions. We can even dispatch customer stock reports electronically. We offer advanced automated supply chain solutions and services that bring value to our customers.
With our various facilities situated in UAE, we can handle all your warehousing and distribution needs. We can deconsolidate or segregate your merchandise in a quick and effective manner without any unnecessary delays. These storage services are characterized with a moderate pricing for both short- term and long-term periods.

Land Transport

ABM Land Freight department is responsible to provide safe, efficient, customer specific, economical, sustainable and environmentally friendly land transport option for its customers. Our experience and resources in land freight management make us the company you can rely on for all your trucking needs. We are able to tailor our land services , specific to our customer's transport needs and offer practical solutions which reduce costs and increases efficiency.
Our Land transport service includes dedicated carriage, dimensional traffic service, industry-specific and specialist transport for the movement of chilled and frozen goods, hazardous chemicals, and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.
Wherever you are, ABM has the capacity to arrange and manage the movement of your cargo quickly. We are able to provide multitude of options to transport your goods over land. Capacity is secured at short notice through a range of dependable suppliers, all of whom meet stringent assessment criteria.


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Highly Sophisticated warehouse within the Free zone, is well equipped with the packaging facilities. We are specialized in all kind of packing services as per the requirement of the Airlines & Shipping Lines and our valuable customers and as per the guidelines of the authorities. Special cares taken for valuable and fragile goods.
With various facilities situated in UAE, we can handle large volume of packing for local distribution or transshipment by Air or sea.

Customs Clearance

ABM Operation Professionals are well experienced in the customs clearance and port related activities in all Major ports in UAE. And we have networked with reliable and experienced associates worldwide for the smooth operation the same worldwide.
Our clients can focus on their core business, running the cargos on ex-work basis, so we will take care of end-to-end process of shipping, transportation, and clearance all the way from your suppliers’ premises till your warehouse or your customers’ site.
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